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Name: fred scott
Comments: Hey Syd,
Mega thanks for correcting the problem with my 1967 Fender Princeton. It was pleasure to meet someone who ranks above many in your business. I was majorly impressed with your shop and could tell you took pride of what you build, etc For those reading this, Syd even made time for me and my amp on a Sunday aft, the drive was well worth it. If my Princeton needs future issues repaired i will certainly take it to him. Syd even corrected other wires by refastening to a better proper location which the last person didn't plus explains knowledge as he did the repair. No more static either. Thanks again!



Name: Dave Thorburn
Comments: Absolutely thrilled with the work Syd did on restoring my old and already modified Traynor YSR-1 to perfect working condition. This amp had been looked at by 5 different techs, none of who were able to fix it. It now sounds as good as it ever did. I couldn't be more pleased.


Name: Rick Roberson
Comments: My amp is over 12 years old and still better than anything I've ever heard. Using it to drive a set of KEF 107 reference speakers and it sounds like a 200 Watt/channel amp. Custom 55 running 27.5 WPC. Syd makes the best amps in the world and they will last forever. Thanks for building a great product that is reasonably priced!
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