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Name: Robert Ferrario Jr
Comments: I really like the first Original run of the stereo 20..

The even spacing of thr transformers.
Looks better to me than the 2nd run..

With the main transformer on one end.

Looks nice with the transformer in the middle.
Power indicator on the right ect..

Just a thought.


Name: Daniel Mondello
Comments: Excellent looking amps. If they sound as good as they look you have a real winner. Would be interested in buying the thirty. Do I need to buy through ebay or directly to you. Prices includeding shipping to USA. Thank you Dan

Name: ED . CRUZ
Comments: Greetings to all you folks out there. I'm from the Philippines and wish to have more information regarding your amp specially pre-amps.I hope it sounds good as it looks. Hope to hear from you soon. Can you include prices of your products.
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