Ideal Innovations offers these products on the understanding that they will be used only for the purposes for which they were designed and under normal operating conditions free of excessive heat or cold or where moisture or water is present.

      All vacuum tube equipment, including these products, operates at high temperatures and VERY HIGH VOLTAGES.   SEVERE ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARDS are present if the product is used under conditions which are not normal or where protective coverings have been removed or circuits modified by unauthorized parties.   BURN HAZARDS from hot vacuum tubes also pose a serious health concern.

      DO NOT under any circumstances remove the bottom cover of these products unless you are a trained electronics technician operating under fully-protected shop conditions.   Severe personal injury and/or death by electrocution could result.


Please observe the following precautionary steps in servicing these products:

  1. The AC power cord must be removed from the AC power socket at the rear of the product for a minimum of 5 minutes before removing the bottom cover or any other procedure is attempted;

  2. Vacuum Tubes should never be removed when the power is turned ON;

  3. The equipment must be turned OFF, the power cord removed from the rear socket and the product must rest for a minimum of two minutes before the removal of any tubes is attempted;

  4. All tubes should be removed with care to avoid injury from breakage of glass envelopes.


      The safe application and operation of these products has been described elsewhere in this material.   Your purchase of this equipment signifies your acknowledgment and understanding of this product, its limitations and usage under normal conditions.   By purchasing this product you agree to be fully responsible for its safe operation and maintenance.

      Neither Ideal Innovations nor its principles, officers or employees will be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for the consequences of improper use or servicing of this equipment, including but not limited to equipment damage or destruction, or personal injury and death.

If you have any concerns for the safe operation and maintenance of this equipment:

  1. Do not purchase these products, or

  2. Contact qualified personnel at Ideal Innovations to resolve your concerns.


      Ideal Innovations reserves the right to make design changes or improvements without the
obligation to revise prior versions. All specifications are subject to change without notice.