Return and Exchange Policy

   Return Policy

    The original owner can, without stating any reason for his or her dissatisfaction, return the purchased unit for a full refund less applicable costs within 10 days of its arrival.  Prior to shipping any unit back to us we must be contacted and a RA Number will be issued to the customer.  We will refuse the shipment of any unit sent to us without the Return Authorization.  Return shipping and insurance costs, and the possible loss or damage in shipping anything to us is the sole responsibility of the customer.
    When we receive the returned unit it will be tested because we must ensure that it matches the original "Engineering Test and Performance Report" parameters and that cosmetically the unit has no marks, dents, scratches, etc., that require remedial action before the unit can be resold as “refurbished” or as a "trade-in".  If the unit's condition is found to be as originally shipped, we will refund the full amount of the original purchase price minus a service fee to cover the cost of re-testing and evaluation and minus any other incurred costs.
    There is currently a flat rate fee of $350.00 per unit for this engineering testing service.  All other costs involved with issuing the refund (such as financial institution service charges, secure mailing of a certified cheque or money order, taxes, etc.) will be deducted from the amount of the refund.  Any other costs deemed necessary (such as cosmetic work or electronic repairs) will also be deducted.  No refund will be issued until we are certain that the buyer’s original payment to us has cleared through all financial institutions.
   Custom Orders

    This Returns and Exchanges Policy applies only to Standard stock units and does not apply to "Custom Built" equipment.  There is no return privilege for pre-built "Custom" amplifiers, special sale priced units or any price discounted equipment.  Terms and conditions for return and exchange privileges of "customer specified" equipment must be determined at the time of order for such equipment.  There is no refund for deposit payments on custom ordered equipment.  No refund will be issued until we are certain that the buyer’s original payment to us has cleared through all financial institutions.

   Exchanges and Upgrades

    When a customer returns an item because an upscale unit is being purchased or the existing unit is being upgraded, at our discretion, some or all of the engineering and recertifying fees, will be waived depending on the circumstances surrounding that particular transaction.  We may honor upgrades and exchanges to the original owner for a period of up to one year from the date of purchase.

  Satisfaction Guaranteed

    While all the above might sound complicated all buyers should realize that we are only interested in their satisfaction.  We don’t want anyone to be stuck with an item they don’t want.  At the same time we can’t put ourselves in a position where we lose money on a return, as we sell our products with a very narrow profit margin in the first place in order to keep prices as low as possible.