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Name: Rick Roberson
Comments: Bought my Custom 55 almost 20 years ago and still going strong. Switched speakers multiple times and still same amp. Currently using Klipsch Heresy and the tubes keep the sound smooth even at top volume. Theses and the Magnepans are my favorites-different, but when paired with a great amp, both sound beautiful. Thanks for everything Syd!

Name: David Frisby
Comments: My love affair with music began in the sixties in the UK where I was fortunate enough to experience at first hand the rise of "Blues and Soul". This led me to a path where I became reasonably successful as a professional DJ for 10 years in the 1970s running one of the first stereo disco systems in Birmingham.
I always remember with fond memories the sound, the excitement of those days, being lucky enough to see artists like Santana, The Eurythmics, Tina Turner, Simply Red, Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton and many others. I digress, so many years later and now in Canada I have been searching for a system that could give me some excitement and after having gone through my favoured companies all with solid state amps, I became frustrated as there was always something lacking. The turnaround occurred when I purchased a Bryston power amp and at the audition it was fed by an old conrad-johnson tube pre-amp, I had taken my own pair of Quad speakers so I knew immediately the difference in the sound was coming from the tube pre-amp as I was very familiar with the sound of solid state amps.
This peaked my interest in tube amps and I purchased a conrad-johnson classic pre-amp whilst in the USA and subsequently on my next visit purchased a Jolida 502P power amp. Now things started to happen and I started to love and listen to my music collection again. I have lots of vinyl which now sounded good. So, around that time I did get to hear about Ideal Innovations and the Elite 80 amp but dismissed it as probably not being powerful enough for my large basement music room. Moving forward I then discovered there was a lot more to this company than meets the eye. I loved the sound of the 6550s and after reading about Syd's philosophy regarding the quality of components, construction, and projected longevity, backed by a lifetime warranty I finally picked up the phone and talked directly with Syd. He came up with some suggestions and ideas. That was it, my own custom design and built 150 watt one-off amplifier. I took delivery earlier this month after a 4 month build time and it was worth the wait. Syd is the ultimate craftsman with the greatest attention to detail, great communication skills, patience and an absolute pleasure to do business with. To cap it all, handmade in Ontario within a couple of hours drive from home.
The amp sounds absolutely incredible, deep lush with crystal clear definition, amazing lifelike soundstage with pinpoint imaging of the artists.
This is the real deal and is my last power amp purchase. It doesn't get any better than this.
Syd has one of the best equipped test rigs you will ever see and if you are thinking of purchasing any tube amp and you want a quality unit then you need look no further.

Name: rick koehn
Comments: Dear Syd,
It has been awhile since I talked with you and you reminded me to send in some feedback. Well I called about a Bias check on my Elite80 and Elite4. As it is they do not require any and nor do they sound like they do either. I think I have had the combination for around nine years now and have just moved the whole system into a much larger room, (16x27) dedicated to critical listening with what I call the levitation chair.
After some treatment to the walls and ceiling I have started to notice again what a beautiful , full and well balanced sound your equipment provides. A beautiful recording is timeless and will never become stale. I have auditioned many systems in my life but few put me in the same space as the recording and fewer yet allow me to feel like I am leaving my listening position and move around the room with the musicians. The clarity and depth of your Elite combination leaves me with the hairs on my arms standing upright, often with tears of pure joy at how moving an experience music can be when heard through these superb electronics.

Thank you again Syd, you have allowed me to stop looking for the ultimate sound and the result will be a lifetime of pure enjoyment. Music they way it should be, an experience that leaves you wanting more and more...
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