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Name: J Stewart
Url: http://
Comments: Syd provided a very thorough repair service for my 845 mono tube amps. I required an overhaul and slight redesign of the electronics to allow these amps to be all that they could be. Now they are quieter than ever and once again giving me a stable, powerful and dynamic listening experience. Syd took photos from start to finish of this difficult and lengthy repair. A flashdrive containing all of those photos was included in my final bill with a very detailed explanation of what work had been completed. I highly recommend Syd Beaumont at Ideal Innovations for any work required on high end tube amps. Thanks Syd!

Comments: I have been dealing with Mr. Beaumont for over 12 years. He is a very meticulous individual and has always done excellent works. His line of gear is second to none and I have demonstrated his amplifiers in the USA and Canada and clients have always been very happy. I can recommend him and his gear to anyone.

Name: Terry Thompson
Comments: Earlier this year I purchased a used Ideal Innovations Elite 80 based on a recommendation from a friend who told me about Syd’s amplifiers.
I am very pleased with the Elite 80, from both a sound reproduction point of view, and also, build quality. As luck would have it, an opportunity came my way to get a used Elite 40 SE. Obviously, I didn’t hesitate!!!
I’m now the blessed owner of an Elite 40 SE and an Elite 80, and have one amp in each of my listening areas. I have contacted Syd on several occasions, and he was always quick to respond. I think Syd makes really good gear, and backs it up with great service... highly recommended !!!!
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