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Name: rick koehn
Comments: Dear Syd,
It has been awhile since I talked with you and you reminded me to send in some feedback. Well I called about a Bias check on my Elite80 and Elite4. As it is they do not require any and nor do they sound like they do either. I think I have had the combination for around nine years now and have just moved the whole system into a much larger room, (16x27) dedicated to critical listening with what I call the levitation chair.
After some treatment to the walls and ceiling I have started to notice again what a beautiful , full and well balanced sound your equipment provides. A beautiful recording is timeless and will never become stale. I have auditioned many systems in my life but few put me in the same space as the recording and fewer yet allow me to feel like I am leaving my listening position and move around the room with the musicians. The clarity and depth of your Elite combination leaves me with the hairs on my arms standing upright, often with tears of pure joy at how moving an experience music can be when heard through these superb electronics.

Thank you again Syd, you have allowed me to stop looking for the ultimate sound and the result will be a lifetime of pure enjoyment. Music they way it should be, an experience that leaves you wanting more and more...

Name: Darryl B
Comments: I have been collecting and listening to vinyl now for a couple of years with some new equipment, but I wanted to get some good old equipment. I picked an old Marantz 2245 and a 6100 turntable and they both needed work. I paid a visit to Syd and he said he look after them no problem. Let me tell you Syd knows what he is doing. Everything was fixed up top notch including replacing parts that could very well become bad in the near future. There is no mistakes here, if you see Syd for any repairs you can rest comfortably knowing everything is looked after and tested to be perfect. The workshop has tons of awesome looking equipment, neat and tidy and he has a professional attitude. I refuse to see anyone else for my audio needs. A++ work Syd, my music has never sounded better and I know it will last for many years to come. Thanks again, look forward to seeing you again if I have any issues in the future.

Name: Dave Danchak
Comments: I took a Marantz for repair and left with a Elite 4
and a pair of 40m's...! Syd built the 4 to my needs
and was open to all suggestions. The set sounds spectacular, looks cool and is easy to operate for a simpleton like me. I've owned all the top solid gear for decades but wish I got the Elite's sooner.
Syd's service is top shelf like his creations
and their lab is as clean and tidy as you will ever come across
Thanks Syd
5 stars
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