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Name: Daniel Mondello
Comments: Excellent looking amps. If they sound as good as they look you have a real winner. Would be interested in buying the thirty. Do I need to buy through ebay or directly to you. Prices includeding shipping to USA. Thank you Dan

Name: Phil Rafuse
Comments: Ok, you folks have me drooling! I would love to have a medium power tube amp [my definition of medium power is 10 to 20 watts of TUBE power per channel]. I love the look of your product, and I'm looking forward to receiving some prices.

If you folks start offering kits, and I haven't bought an amp from you yet, I would be very interested!

Now, how can I explain my craving for a tube power amp to my wife?

Name: Jeffrey Weedman
Comments: I love your non sense approach to amps, and the quality aspect can be had without having to pay big bucks.
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