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Name: Rick Roberson
Comments: My amp is over 12 years old and still better than anything I've ever heard. Using it to drive a set of KEF 107 reference speakers and it sounds like a 200 Watt/channel amp. Custom 55 running 27.5 WPC. Syd makes the best amps in the world and they will last forever. Thanks for building a great product that is reasonably priced!

Name: Dave Bulger
Comments: There are no words to express what a fantastic job Syd on my mcintosh mac 1900,He rebuildt parts that weren't available and great job doing it,so if you need any kind of work is needed IDEAL INNOVATIONS is the place to go!and the cost is most reasonable. THANK YOU SYD>

Name: tom
Comments: been working with Syd sometime now .i can tell you his work is( a plus )have 2 amps hes made special for me they both sound great one of them Syd didn't want to part with after he was done,amps are a ppp90 and classic vintage 15 this amps the most flexible with output tubes and reg. tubes running it now with a 83 gotta love the glow of mercury vapor .Syd is a real treasure when guys like him aren't around any more ,those who like tube amps will be at a loss .
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